Hilleman’s Unsung Quest to Save the World’s Children

If there’s any person that should be credited with saving millions of lives (and counting), including ours, our children’s, and countless generations to come, it would be Dr. Maurice Hilleman. Name little known even by those working in related fields, Dr. Hilleman’s 20th century discoveries and innovations in vaccinology persist to this very day — his work against devastating diseases that in our modern world seem distant and even unbelievable.

Medical History Pictures together with Paul Offit have come together to produce HILLEMAN – A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children, a feature-length documentary about the life and legacy of this legendary scientist. The animation you see in this film was done by, you guessed it, yours truly, and it was nothing short of an incredible project to be part of.

HILLEMAN has won Best Documentary at the SCINEMA International Science Film Festival, and continues to be shown in festivals around the world. To learn more about the film and Hilleman’s legacy, please visit

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