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Advancing knowledge through vision, XVIVO Scientific Animation translates complex science into compelling medical media. XVIVO works with clients who are innovators in science and medicine to develop elegant and precise medical animations, medical illustrations and medical interactive productions. Our business is based on collaborative relationships with clients, stunning visual creations, and trusted expertise in the industry.

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Our medical animations, designed with high attention to detail, transform medical science into works of art. We create a unique and exciting learning experience, far beyond anything that traditional forms of media and communication are able to achieve. Delicate intricacies, vibrant colors and captivating motion come together to move, inspire and educate.

Latest XVIVO News

Unexpected Beauty: Art in Chemistry

Two weeks ago, I sat as part of a panel for UConn’s new art installation at The Benton Museum. Titled ‘Chemistry 101: The Science of Photography,” this ended up being a very fun and low-key discussion about the merging of art and science. We started with a brief cocktail reception, and later went upstairs where…

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XVIVO, TEDMED, and Jeffrey Karp

We always excited to get to help the amazing speakers at the annual TEDMED conferences. This year, we are working with Dr. Jeffrey Karp of Harvard to illustrate his inspiring work on biomimicry. Biomimicry is the term given to invention inspired by nature. Like us, our non-human cohabitants have gone through millennia of evolution, selection,…

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