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Advancing knowledge through vision, XVIVO Scientific Animation translates complex science into compelling medical media. XVIVO works with clients who are innovators in science and medicine to develop elegant and precise medical animations, medical illustrations and medical interactive productions. Our business is based on collaborative relationships with clients, stunning visual creations, and trusted expertise in the industry.

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Our medical animations, designed with high attention to detail, transform medical science into works of art. We create a unique and exciting learning experience, far beyond anything that traditional forms of media and communication are able to achieve. Delicate intricacies, vibrant colors and captivating motion come together to move, inspire and educate.

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Today we invite you to get to know Danae DelBalso! Danae grew up in East Greenbush, NY, and went to study advertising and communications at Emerson College. After that, she worked for several ad agencies as a producer before moving to XVIVO. Danae is married to Nick, an Albany firefighter, and together they have two…

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Introducing Jenn Platt! Jenn has called a few places home including New York, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, England, Ontario, and most recently, Connecticut. In school, Jenn studied Medical Illustration, English, and Biology, and spent her time in NYC doing medical animation and watching a lot of obscure theater. She also took excursions…

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