Introducing Jenn Platt!

Jenn has called a few places home including New York, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, England, Ontario, and most recently, Connecticut.

In school, Jenn studied Medical Illustration, English, and Biology, and spent her time in NYC doing medical animation and watching a lot of obscure theater. She also took excursions via the IKEA ferry to Brooklyn for relaxing afternoons of Swedish meatballs and weird lamps.

Jenn writes science fiction in her free time and takes pride in the origami she makes out of publisher rejection letters. She hopes to one day get a dog and train it to ride a Roomba.


XVIVO XPOSED continues this week with Katherine (KC) Fallon!


KC comes to us from Springfield, MA, birthplace of Dr. Seuss. She studied Medical Illustration at RIT and joined XVIVO straight out of college.

While in school, KC was a lab assistant in the Hematology Department at Baystate Medical Center, learning probably a bit too much about body fluids.

KC plays a mean game of soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and kickball. A self-reported breakfast syrup junkie, Netflix binger, and N64 enthusiast, KC likes spending her free time learning about the wonders of astrophysics. Like Roz, KC agrees that the Samoa is by far the best Girl Scout cookie.

She eventually plans on somehow getting a dog the size of a horse.




Introducing Brett Murrah!


A native of Connecticut, Brett has lived in the town of Monroe since he was two. In school he studied graphic design and art history, and has worked thereafter as both an animator and a licensed massage therapist.

Some of Brett’s favorite things include: video games, zombies, zombie-themed video games, kale, kale-themed video games (?), and zip-lining. His favorite shows are Survivor and The Walking Dead, and he hopes for the day those two shows combine into one.

Fun fact: Brett first learned 3D on an Amiga computer, before his software of choice (LightWave) was even a stand-alone application.

Brett spends most of his time waiting in anticipation of his regular trips to Virginia Beach.


We continue our showcase this week with our Head of Production, Roz!


Rosalyn “Roz” Quinton is a native Jersey girl, but has spent the last decade and a half living in Connecticut. Roz studied mass communications and marketing at Quinnipiac, and worked as a producer at a stop-motion studio as well as at a couple of local news stations before ending up at XVIVO. She’s been with us for over eight years now!

Roz lives with her husband of six years and their two adorable pets: Tank, the 4-year-old ketchup-packet-eating French bulldog, and Tophie, a 13-year-old cat.

Roz’s parallel parking skills are unparalleled, as are her scrapbooking abilities. She is an avid pinner on pinterest, a Zumba enthusiast, and enjoys baking and being crafty. Her favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Samoa.


XVIVO XPOSED continues today with one of our animators, Tony Bexley!


Born and raised in Cape Cod, Tony went on to study computer graphics and design at RIT and Springfield College. Afterward, he went to the Vancouver Film School to hone his skills in 3D, returning to XVIVO after his studies to take his rightful place as 3D point pusher.

Tony is soon-to-be-wed, living happily with his fiancée and their cat named Cat (bet you didn’t see that coming!). Tony enjoys gratuitous TV and movie watching, reading, and computer gaming. He prefers Star Wars over Star Trek, and is often kept up at night in fear that the new Star Wars movie will be terrible.

Tony loves his pub food — a delicious burger or a generous platter of fish and chips is the perfect way to start or end his day! He adamantly prefers the original Starcraft over its successor, and likes reading dystopian novels.