Biostage Program Organ Regeneration

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About 456,000 new cases of esophageal cancer occur each year. In the United States alone, there are 17,000 new cases. Esophageal cancer is treated with an esophagectomy, which has a 90-day mortality rate as high as 19%. Biostage is pioneering a new technology to regenerate the patient’s native esophasgus through Cellframe Technology. Two weeks before the esophagectomy, stem cells are extract and incubated with the Cellspan implant in a bioreactor. This animation shows how Cellframe Technology works to regenerate esophagus tissue and muscle through stem cells as well as the Cellspan Implant process.

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Biostage Program Organ Regeneration

I want to thank the XVIVO team for a seamless working process and excellent finished product. They exceeded expectations at every turn!

Product Manager, Cornerstone Therapeutics