XVIVO’s Interative MOD/MOA iPad App

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The iPad stands out as an ideal device for many of our clients to share important MOD/MOA information with their key audiences. The video featured here shows an iPad application we developed to incorporate a main menu, PDF documents, MOD/MOA 3D animation, as well as calling out key program characters and providing additional information about them. This kind of application allows for multiple ways to view, learn and explore what a company has to offer. There is something for everyone!

This program was developed following the creation of a 3D animation on cellular signalling pathways. We partnered with our client in order to give them a rich user friendly interactive app that could take their animation to the next level.

Working with XVIVO on the Giant Heart for the Museum of Science and Industry has been an absolute delight. The final result in the space of the museum is really a knockout. Thanks for an exemplary job.

Tom Hennes, Principal, Thinc Design
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