Active Caspase-3 Marker for Apoptosis

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Caspases, or cysteine-aspartic proteases are a family of proteins that play essential roles in programmed cell death. Caspase-3 and Caspase-8 are known to interact with each other and contribute to the initiation of cellular apoptosis.


Promega Corporation

XVIVO is in a unique class of crackerjack design companies with honest, capable, supremely talented artists, graphic designers, strategists, and project managers, all of whom are committed to excellence in animation. They understand the unique power of this still evolving art form, its ability to distill otherwise unapproachable biochemical data, and to make it available to the untrained marketing professional, all the while preserving the integrity of the science for the experts who have committed their life’s work to drug discovery and development. Ain’t it easy when you know how to do it?

John Lapolla, Asante Communications, LLC
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