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EXPO Studio Interviews: Michael Astrachan

EXPO Studio Interviews: Michael Astrachan

Michael Astrachan at the Innovation EXPO, London

This past summer, Michael Astrachan spoke at the Innovation EXPO in London, England. The EXPO brings together the best in innovation from  the private, public, voluntary, scientific and academic communities. It is a unique combination of innovative trade fair, world

Lives of a Cell, the 3-D Version

Lives of a Cell, the 3-D Version

Wired Magazine Interview with David Bolinsky

By Kim Zetter, 03.14.07


Who would have thought the inner workings of a white blood cell could be visually stunning? For those who fell asleep during high school biology classes, David Bolinsky’s

Ted Conference Presentation by XVIVO Scientific Animation

Ted Conference Presentation by XVIVO Scientific Animation

Business Week: TED Conference Report

BusinessWeekIn collaboration with Dr. Robert Lue at Harvard University, David Bolinsky has been overseeing a project to develop amazingly intricate medical animations, with the sole purpose of changing how the college’s undergraduates learn and think

High drama inside a cell, Ted Conference 2007 presentation

Description from the Ted Conference Web site: David Bolinsky and his team at XVIVO illustrate scientific and medical concepts with high-drama animation. These animators are true auteurs, carefully scripting and editing the story of cellular processes to show everyone —

My experience working with XVIVO can be summed up in one word: Confidence. Confidence in what the quality of the final animation would be, as well as confidence in their recommendations in regard to executing the animation from the initial pre-production meetings throughout the life of the project, until the final delivery. Confidence from the very first day that they would do what they said, when they said they would do it, and deliver high quality multimedia on time, and on budget.

VP, Director of Production, JUICE Pharma Advertising
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