Trent DeWitt

Interactive Designer

At around the age of twelve, Trent crafted his first digital animation using Microsoft Paint, and his parent’s camcorder. It was an extremely time-consuming process of opening and closing pre-drawn files, and quickly pressing Record/Stop on the camcorder.  As one might expect, the end result was a hysterically horrible animation, but one that kicked off his lifelong passion in animation.

He now has over fourteen years of professional experience and has embraced the more technical side of the field. He loves problem solving, and if solving the problem happens to include a heavy dose of programming, then all the better. In recent years, he’s focused much of his efforts (and free time) to develop interactive virtual and augmented reality content. He sees this new form of media transforming the way in which we communicate with each other, and learn about the world.

Trent has worked on projects with clients such as: Sherwin Williams, Duke University, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and IBM.

XVIVO X-tra on Trent:

  • Has lived in 8 different states.
  • An avid audio book listener.
  • Tolerates the winter only because it’s snowboarding season.

We have received a tremendously enthusiastic response from students, both in freshman biology and sophomore cell biology courses.

Robert Lue, Director of Life Sciences Education, Professor of the Practice of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
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