Tony Bexley

Lead Animator

Tony joined XVIVO as an intern in 2008, after graduating from Springfield College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and spending a year at Vancouver Film School further studying 3D animation, he then vowed to return to XVIVO to reclaim his beloved position as a point pusher, in 3D space!

As one of our lead animators, much of Tony’s skill for modeling and animation can been seen throughout many of XVIVO’s high profile projects. He also manages and troubleshoots all the inner workings of XVIVO’s networked render farm for the various software’s used including Softimage, Maya and Lightwave, as well as their current main GPU rendering engine Redshift.

His clients have included Abelson Taylor, Ajinomoto North America, FCB Healthcare, ICC Lowe, Johnson & Johnson, MicroOptx Medical, Maven Communications, Medical History Pictures, Ogilvy Heathworld, Pfizer, Phoenix Marketing Group, Radius Health, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Unilever and Wedgewood Communications.

XVIVO X-tra on Tony:

  • Wolverines!!
  • Donatello is by far the best Ninja Turtle
  • Does not recognize the existence of the Star Wars Prequels, thus they do not exist
  • Favorite PC game is Starcraft
  • Loves his Chowdaahh!!


XVIVO is in a unique class of crackerjack design companies with honest, capable, supremely talented artists, graphic designers, strategists, and project managers, all of whom are committed to excellence in animation. They understand the unique power of this still evolving art form, its ability to distill otherwise unapproachable biochemical data, and to make it available to the untrained marketing professional, all the while preserving the integrity of the science for the experts who have committed their life’s work to drug discovery and development. Ain’t it easy when you know how to do it?

John Lapolla, Asante Communications, LLC
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