Rosalyn Quinton

Head of Production

Roz is a mass communications graduate of Quinnipiac University and has a diverse background in television, commercial production, and marketing. Her experiences in media range from the high-pressure environment of the evening news to lead production for a large stop-motion animation studio.

Roz joined XVIVO as Production Coordinator in 2006. Currently as Head of Production, she works alongside the creative directors and supervises the workflow of XVIVO’s projects to keep production schedules on track. With a strong attention to detail and exemplary planning skills, Roz ensures that the XVIVO team meets and exceeds expectations, providing clients with what they need on time and on budget.

Roz has worked on many international and award-winning animations, and has managed projects for clients such as: Ajinomoto, Alexion, Biohaven Pharma, Connecticut Science Center, Fingerpaint, Genentech, Harvard University, Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, NBC and CBS affiliates, Novartis, Novocure, Ogilvy Healthworld, Renavatio Healthcare, Syneos Health, TED and TEDMED, Unilever, WebMD DNA Brand Studio, and Wedgewood Communications.

XVIVO X-tra on Roz:

  • Production Ninja, known for her sharp “Eagle Eye” vision during edits
  • Was a Stop-Motion (aka clay animation) producer
  • Has been given the nicknames: “Rozinator” and “Mini”
  • Die-hard Ice Cream Fan

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Robert Lue, Director of Life Sciences Education, Professor of the Practice of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
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