Watch Dog | Office Therapist

Romeo Astrachan is a cockapoo: 40% cocker spaniel, 40% poodle…and 20% sweetheart. He was born on Valentine’s Day, and is a total charmer. Under his fluffy exterior, he is a hard working dog with dual positions of Watch Dog and Office Therapist here at XVIVO. Not only does he protect the staff from postal workers and pizza delivery men, but he also is available for therapeutic hugs- no appointment needed.

XVIVO X-tras for Romeo:
• Tennis Ball!
• Squirrel!
• Long Walk!
• Chipmunk!
• Squeaky toy!

XVIVO met our tight publication deadline to produce a colorful, engaging, and accurate illustration of the brain structures children learn about in my foundation’s MindUP program. We are so grateful that XVIVO helped us produce this wonderful resource for the children and their teachers.

Goldie Hawn, Actress, Children’s Advocate, and Founder of The Hawn Foundation
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