Michael Astrachan

Founder and President

Michael is the founder and Creative Director of XVIVO and has been involved in the visual arts for over thirty years. Michael manages all aspects of XVIVO’s projects to ensure standards are high and exceeded. With a traditional fine arts background, and a passion for scientific education, he leads the creative team with a strong eye for composition, lighting, naturalism and accuracy.

In Michael’s seventeen years in the field he has worked with hundreds of amazing companies and individuals. He has had the honor to work with such luminaries as Nobel Prize winner, Kary Mullis, theoretical physicist Brian Greene, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Michael’s experience as an entrepreneur, scientist, and artist give him the unique ability to bring together thought leaders and creatives from distinct backgrounds to create great works of medical media.

Michael is frequently invited to speak at events about his ground-breaking work in medical visualization. He has spoken at the NHS conference in London, presented the UCONN SFA Alumni Commencement 2015 Speech, and lectured at Harvard.

XVIVO X-tra on Michael:

  • Monkey mind don’t fail me now
  • Talent = 90 percent Perspiration + 10 percent Inspiration
  • Wants to be reincarnated as Romeo, my wife’s dog.
  • The roshi always cleans the latrines
  • Working on setting my laser printer to stun

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email: Mike@xvivo.com

The best things about working with XVIVO is probably the final product, that is never disappointing but, on the contrary, always beyond expectation. Our clients are happy and so are we. The second best thing is a very good production and revision process thru the web with a reliable schedule. It’s good not to be anxious because you know things will be done in due time (and well done).

Jean-Pascal Huvé, ScienceProd (Paris, France)
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