Matt Berky

Media Composer & Audio Engineer

As an award-winning composer and production engineer, Matt Berky brings years of experience and his celebrated style to every project. Whether recording voice-over artists, composing music or producing sound design, Matt infuses his unique sound into everything he does.

Matt’s work has been acknowledged by the Silver Microphone Awards, the prestigious Telly Awards for his music scoring and the Communicator Awards for his radio production technique. His music can be heard around the world on radio and television in medical animations, corporate videos, films and documentaries including dozens of National Geographic documentaries, works for The History Channel and music for Bio-science animations.

Matt’s acclaimed music score for “The Inner Life of the Cell” produced by Harvard University in 2007, has brought Massive Productions worldwide acclaim. The video has circled the globe, helping teach biology students all over the world by pairing animation with Matt’s innovative sound design and composition.

XVIVO X-tra on Matt:

  • As a child, ranked top in CT for classical violin
  • Owns 3 chihuahuas
  • Named his daughter after a Grateful Dead song
  • Loves dark chocolate
  • Called his college dorm room studio, Massive Productions, and the name stuck

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XVIVO was able to tell simply and powerfully in four minutes what had taken decades of research to discover.

Senior Director, Marketing, Dendreon Corporation
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