Julia Grotto

Junior Medical Illustrator

Growing up in Zimbabwe with an engineer as a father and an artist as a mother, Julia developed a passion for the sciences and the arts from a young age. Her pursuit of both brought her to the United States where she recently graduated from Harvard with a BA in Physics. Julia’s diverse background, and interest in the effective visual communication of scientific concepts, led her to XVIVO.

Julia has become a great addition to our team and is now instrumental in our pre-production phase through her detailed research, exacting storyboards and beautiful illustrations. Using Unity 3D, Julia has also helped our interactive and virtual reality team take our medial animation to new heights through innovative applications and technologies.

XVIVO X-tra on Julia:

  • Has a passion for baking
  • Die-hard Linkin Park fan
  • Italian by decent, but African at heart
  • Proceed with Gratitude = Joyful Life

XVIVO met our tight publication deadline to produce a colorful, engaging, and accurate illustration of the brain structures children learn about in my foundation’s MindUP program. We are so grateful that XVIVO helped us produce this wonderful resource for the children and their teachers.

Goldie Hawn, Actress, Children’s Advocate, and Founder of The Hawn Foundation
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