Jordan Maire

Assistant Producer

Jordan studied Computer Graphics and Digital Art at Springfield College. As a Production Assistant at XVIVO, Jordan helps process run smoothly by tracking schedules, organizing files, reviewing project assets, and managing project archival.

XVIVO X-tra on Jordan:

  • Car enthusiast
  • Recovering Starbucks addict
  • Likes to play videogames (XBOX > PC)
  • Enjoys driving (when his car doesn’t break down!)

I have had the pleasure of working closely with the XVIVO team for the past year and half as we prepared for launch. They have contributed to building a sound foundation for communicating our clinical messaging across multiple mediums and channels. XVIVO’s scientific rigor and technical expertise exceed any I have seen within the industry. The XVIVO team consists of highly professional engaging personnel that have mastered their respective areas of work. XVIVO are fun and engaging partners. The products that XVIVO consistently delivered elevated the power of our story.

Intuniv Marketing, Shire LLC.
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