Jordan Maire

Assistant Producer

Jordan studied Computer Graphics and Digital Art at Springfield College. As a Production Assistant at XVIVO, Jordan helps process run smoothly by tracking schedules, organizing files, reviewing project assets, and managing project archival.

XVIVO X-tra on Jordan:

  • Car enthusiast
  • Recovering Starbucks addict
  • Likes to play videogames (XBOX > PC)
  • Enjoys driving (when his car doesn’t break down!)

My experience working with XVIVO can be summed up in one word: Confidence. Confidence in the depth of scientific knowledge they contributed, this knowledge only enhanced the end product, was evident as a core competency from our initial discussions even before engaging them for the production, and inspired our team because they were collaborating with a partner who is as dedicated to the science of the story as they are.

VP, Director of Production, JUICE Pharma Advertising
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