Edward Quirk


Edward Quirk joins XVIVO with over 25 years of visual effects experience in the film and television industry. Ever since graduating from the University of Southern California, his emphasis has been in designing, programming, testing and implementing unique visual effects in both 2D & 3D. Bringing a lifelong passion for math, science, art and filmmaking, Edward applies his skills and talent to transform complex fundamental principles into compelling visual representations.

Edward has a diverse background and has worked with Digital Filmworks, Ignition Creative and Sony Pictures Entertainment. As a programmer, Edward  co-developed proprietary software for the Bollywood sci-fi blockbuster ‘Ra.One” As a Generalist and CG Supervisor, he has contributed to numerous feature films, commercials, special-venue and stereoscopic projects.

His clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Medical History Pictures, Maven Communications, and Ogilvy Heathworld. You can also see some of his award winning animation can be seen in movies such as: “After Earth”, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, “Thank You for Smoking”, “The Terminal”, and “Moulin Rouge!” as well as in broadcast commercials for Coors and Nissan.

XVIVO X-tra on Edward:

  • Built an optical printer at age 15 to create complex visual effects for his epic Super 8mm films
  • Enjoys singing bass/baritone with various choral groups
  • Built a 10 inch Newtonian “telescoping” telescope, grinding and polishing a primary mirror by hand under the instruction of the late John Dobson.
  • “And you’re thin for someone who likes food” – Linguini, Ratatouille

XVIVO was able to tell simply and powerfully in four minutes what had taken decades of research to discover.

Senior Director, Marketing, Dendreon Corporation
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