Danae DelBalso

Executive Producer | Operations

Danae is a skilled multimedia producer who has a diverse background in pharmaceutical and consumer multimedia, continuing medical education events (CME), and print production. With more than twenty years of experience in the communications industry, her resourcefulness and attention to detail are evident in the streamlined process that she has helped develop at XVIVO.

Danae promotes team collaboration when coordinating the production of medical writers and illustrators, and animators to meet the creative and strategic goals of the project. From script to screen, she provides clients with enthusiastic and focused production work.

Danae is a communications graduate of Emerson College in Boston, MA and has managed many international and award-winning projects for clients including Abelson Taylor, AVMBioMed, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Clementia, Digitas Health, GlaxoSmithKline, Genia, Google Cellscape, Johnson & Johnson, Lexicon, Massachusetts Department of Health, Medical History Pictures, Nanobiotix, Nikon, Novartis, Novavax, Peregrine, Pfizer, Royal Caribbean, Rosetta, Roche, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Truth, Symic Bio, Volkswagen, and Weill Cornell Medicine.

XVIVO X-tra on Danae:

  • Super Mom to G and Jake, and Firefighter’s wife
  • Paradise = “Glamping” with her family and red velvet cupcakes
  • Worked on the HIV campaign with Irvin “Magic” Johnson
  • Was the Assistant Producer on the “New Beetle TV Campaign”
  • Reef flip-flop Junkie
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email: Danae@xvivo.com

DARPA was very pleased with the Trauma Pod of the Future video. It was instrumental in presenting this futuristic and complex research program and provided an insight to the audience and reviewers that they would not have otherwise achieved. The quality of the work is exceptional and the video has been shown hundreds of times with great success; it is one of the most popular videos that I have used in my presentations.

Richard Satava, MD, Program Manager, Advanced Biomedical Technologies Program, DARPA
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