Chris Roy


Chris Roy joins XVIVO as a skilled medical animator with over 15 years of animation experience. His passion for photography brings a unique type of visual storytelling to many of our 3D animations. Chris has worked at Sonalysts Studios, Exploria Productions, as well as the Biomedical Communications Department at University of Connecticut’s Medical Center.

Chris’s clients have included: Celldex, Celgene, Cornerstone Therapeutics, Epizyme, Exact Sciences, FCB Healthcare, Fingerpaint, Friesland Campina, ICC Lowe, Inventiv Health, Johnson & Johnson, NuPathe, Ogilvy Healthworld, QD Healthcare, Scout and Texas Christian University.

XVIVO X-tra:

  • Enjoys wildlife photography
  • Star Wars fanatic
  • Runs on Dunkin

The animations that we developed with XVIVO garnered international acclaim and received praise from renowned dermatology experts.

Vice President, Management Supervisor, Ogilvy Healthworld Medical Education
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