Brett Murrah

Lead Animator

Brett Murrah is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a BA in Communications and Art history. Brett joined XVIVO in 2006 and brings over 20 years of experience developing medical animations. His technical experience and visual acuity allows him to quickly distill complex information into clear and informative visuals for the purposes of scientific communication.

Recently Brett has taken the lead on a number of virtual reality animations and experiences. His software of choice is LightWave 3D, and in November 2012 he was honored through distinction as a LightWave Power Artist. His work has been showcased in publications including

3D Artist and WIRED magazine. Brett’s signature organic modeling style and eye for detail brings each client’s vision to life. His background in art, video production, and anatomy helped setup the previsualization for “The Inner Life of the Cell”.

Brett’s clients have included Arcus Medica, Digitas Health, Epizyme, Google Cellscape, Harvard University, ICC Lowe, Medical History Pictures, Novavax, Ogilvy Healthworld, Pfizer, Shire, The National Institute of Health, WebMD DNA Brand Studio, and Wedgewood Communications.

XVIVO X-tra on Brett:

  • Fascinated by Egyptian art and culture
  • Owns a life-sized, 6 foot sarcophagus filled with books
  • Sleep when I’m dead
  • Was a licensed Massage Therapist
  • Video games are a must!!!

The XVIVO group exemplifies the attributes of indispensable partners for executing complex projects. They match unquestionable scientific knowledge with outstanding creative capacity and solid project management. They’ve been truly valuable teammates.

Account Supervisor, Ogilvy Healthworld
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