Bethany Astrachan


XVIVO’s Administrator, and Michael’s better half, Bethany graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in Art History with a focus on 19th-century American painting. She spent her early career working in art museums and galleries doing curatorial work and art sales. In 2006, Bethany became a yoga instructor. She spends her time raising a family, teaching yoga, and working at XVIVO. Bethany lives in West Hartford with Michael, her two children, Ben and Eva, and her dog (her baby) Romeo.

XVIVO X-tras for Bethany:
• Yoga instructor extraordinaire
• Drama mamma
• Masters in Art History
• Afraid of heights, but wants to climb Mt. Everest
• Loves the ballet

Through their creative prowess and technical mastery, XVIVO is defining and redefining the very frontier of scientific animation. As science and medicine explore increasingly remote realms, their work provides a vital link allowing researchers and the general public to grasp visually an astonishing landscape of new possibilities.

Brian Greene, Professor Mathematics & Physics, Columbia University
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