Inner Life 3.0 – Featured by StudioDaily

Inner Life 3.0 - Featured by StudioDaily

‘Protein Packing,’ the 3rd installment of our Inner Life of the Cell series, has been profiled by StudioDaily!

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For those who missed the news a while back, ‘Protein Packing’ is the latest project we developed in collaboration with Harvard University’s

XVIVO at ASCO 2015

XVIVO at ASCO 2015

Just some goodies we ran into while at the 2015 ASCO conference in Chicago. It was very exciting to learn about all the new developments in oncology, and really fun to see a bunch of our work in one place!

XVIVO First Look |”Dead” or “Weakened” Viruses

XVIVO First Look |"Dead" or "Weakened" Viruses

XVIVO is helping Medical History Pictures, Inc. to develop 3D animation for a biographical documentary about Dr. Maurice Hilleman (1919-2005), one of the most important contributors to modern vaccinology. We will routinely update with behind-the-scenes images while providing some science

Animierte Wunderwelten: Animated Wonderworlds

Animierte Wunderwelten: Animated Wonderworlds

We’re happy and grateful to have XVIVO’s “The Inner Life of the Cell: Protein Packing” be chosen as one of the many great works to be on display this September at The Museum of Design in Zurich.

“Animierte Wunderwelten,” translated

XVIVO First Look | Color Boards and a gif!

XVIVO First Look | Color Boards and a gif!

So what makes a vaccine successful? First, it has to address a real concern. It wouldn’t make sense to vaccinate if the threat isn’t there, which is why we don’t get smallpox vaccines anymore (the last known case of the

The feedback from the client was all very positive. I want to thank the XVIVO team for a job well done. Our work with the client’s clinical team up front paid off on the back end with minimal revisions and I want to thank you guys for your patience and hard work.

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