Michael Astrachan

The Reilly Papers

I recently came across a blog by portrait artist John Ennis called “The Reilly Papers,” His Blog is dedicated to providing the teaching materials of the late Frank J. Reilly.

How did this come about? Well Ennis, (the lucky stiff)


Taking a break from medical animation for a week….Going to TED on Monday! I am sure most of you know what TED is, but If my mom is reading…TED (among other things) is an amazing conference, where innovators, artists, scientists,

Personal MBA

Just finished a great book, The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman.

My business education came from …experience. Ten years selling custom art work at malls, 5 years doing fine art and illustration and the last 10 years running an animation

Life drawing and painting

After talking about it for a few years now I was finally able to put together a drawing and painting class for the team. I think what inspired it was a chance look through a West Hartford Art League mailer.

The XVIVO groups combination of scientific and design expertise means their work is unmatched and of a high standard. We were very pleased with the final product and it has been well received by audiences across the globe. We would absolutely recommend working with XVIVO.

Jeremy Moon, CEO Icebreaker
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