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Our illustrators have extensive scientific backgrounds and the artistic experience needed to visually explain your story. Our science images are custom created to accommodate various styles and applications.

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Bacteriophage Robot Bacteriophage Robot
Intracellular Activity Intracellular Activity
V.A.C.® Therapy for Wound Healing V.A.C.® Therapy for Wound Healing
Physiology of Constipation Physiology of Constipation
Pathway to Insomnia Pathway to Insomnia
Cross Section of Wrinkled Skin Cross Section of Wrinkled Skin
Colorectal Cancer Progression Colorectal Cancer Progression
Antibody Drug Conjugate Antibody Drug Conjugate
Clathrin Uncoating Clathrin Uncoating
Microarray Microarray
Breast Cancer Pathway Illustration Breast Cancer Pathway Illustration
Dendritic Cell Dendritic Cell
Childhood Immunity Childhood Immunity
Pericyte on Capillary Pericyte on Capillary
Synaptic Vesicle Synaptic Vesicle
Targeted Therapeutic Drug Candidates for Cancer Targeted Therapeutic Drug Candidates for Cancer
PRC2 Activity PRC2 Activity
Calcium Gate Calcium Gate
JAK/STAT Pathway JAK/STAT Pathway
Mitochondria Mitochondria
Lice Lice
Tissue Layers of the Colon Tissue Layers of the Colon
Ion Transport Proteins Ion Transport Proteins
Bacteria Bacteria
SWI/SNF Subunits SWI/SNF Subunits
RNA Interference (RNAi) RNA Interference (RNAi)
Nature Electronics Illustration Nature Electronics Illustration
Biochip Biochip
Nature Nature
Bladder Anatomy Bladder Anatomy
Peyronie’s Cross Section Peyronie’s Cross Section
Normal Eye Anatomy Normal Eye Anatomy
Illuminate Cancer Biology Illuminate Cancer Biology
Packed Neurons Packed Neurons
Laser Treatment (Glaucoma) Laser Treatment (Glaucoma)
CD200 Expression CD200 Expression
Anti-inflammatory Microbiome Anti-inflammatory Microbiome
Blood Brain Barrier Illustration Blood Brain Barrier Illustration
Phase change memory (PCM) Phase change memory (PCM)
Protein Ribbon Structure Protein Ribbon Structure
Kinesin Motor Protein with Vesicle Kinesin Motor Protein with Vesicle
Bone Marrow Bone Marrow
Immunotherapy Illustration Immunotherapy Illustration
Nature Nanotechnology Nature Nanotechnology

One of the most exciting parts about creating medical animation is the front row seat we get interviewing the scientists that push discovery forward. In exchange, they appreciate our ability to understand their science and tell their stories in ways that are simple to comprehend.

A Marriage of Science and Art

Whether it’s creating educational videos for physicians or patients, or visualizing the mechanism of action for breakthrough drugs, we balance sophisticated science with a deep aesthetic sensibility.

Love our work? Make our medical illustrations your wallpaper.

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The animations that we developed with XVIVO garnered international acclaim and received praise from renowned dermatology experts.

Vice President, Management Supervisor, Ogilvy Healthworld Medical Education
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