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Animation: The Inner Life of the Cell: Protein Packing
The Inner Life of the Cell: Protein Packing

XVIVO is the premier creator of medical animation and scientific media.

Our studio develops 3D animations, educational videos, medical illustrations, interactive science apps, and more. Our clients include pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical device companies, advertising agencies, educational institutions, museums, and broadcast. With in-house scientific expertise and artists specializing in medical media, we translate complex information into productions that are both accurate and visually compelling.

From script to screen

We’ll handle everything from research and script writing to motion graphics and voice-over talent. Need to incorporate live-action? No problem. How about other languages? Can do. Have something in particular you want to discuss? Fill out our Project Inquiry and let us know.

Since our inception 13 years ago, we have maintained a small and elite team. We meet our clients’ needs by offering personalized service, creative consult, and a proficiency for working around rigid timelines. We are responsive, thoughtful, and easily accessible – everything you expect and deserve from a boutique studio. Over the years, we have established lasting relationships with many of our clients. As a testament to our work, former clients often return to collaborate on new projects, as well as refer us to their partners and peers.

Take a look into our process

We are known for our science videos illustrating drug mechanisms of action (MOA) and mechanisms of disease (MOD). We also apply our talents across all forms of digital media, including science games, medical apps, and interactive animations. Our medical videos often serve as tools to help engage and educate health care providers and their patients. Our Inner Life of the Cell videos developed for Harvard are still shown in biology classrooms around the world. With a strong understanding of science and technology, XVIVO is well-equipped to serve its clients’ marketing needs in an ever-changing climate.

XVIVO combines exceptional artistic and technical skills with a strong understanding of biology and an exemplary responsiveness to educational needs and objectives.

William Segraves, Associate Professor Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale University
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