Repurposing Medical Animations

Incyte worked with XVIVO to create a 3D medical animation targeted at educating HCPs. Maximizing their initial investment, Incyte utilized the medical animation video created by XVIVO to develop a a library of multi-media assets that aided the sales force in educating not only HCPs, but also patients and caregivers.

With just a little ingenuity, the initial science animation project became sales, marketing and advertising collateral for Incyte increasing the return on their investment and also breaking new ground in leveraging medical animations.


Incyte repurposed content from the XVIVO animation for numerous other media. After the initial product launch, they saw:

  • 20% increased awareness of the JAK Pathway
  • 25% opt-in rate from acquisition efforts
  • 68% open rate on member communications
  • 50 members joined from the top academic institutions
  • Significantly higher performance from industry averages across all programs

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Both the quality of the final product and my experience working with XVIVO has reinforced my interest in a long-term collaboration with this team.

Alain Viel PhD, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Research in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University