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Creating Compelling Medical and Scientific Illustrations and Animations

Our award-winning animation studio creates compelling visual productions for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies; advertising agencies; educational organizations; museums and broadcast companies. From script to screen, we provide custom education and communication services for every client. Please take a tour of our work to see selected samples of our animations, interactive programs and illustrations

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The team at XVIVO helped to bring the Quantum Cell Expansion System to life! Their talented group of individuals coalesced to form a responsive, accountable, flexible and creative team that delivered an amazing final product – exceeding our expectations. The first showing of the video to a gathering of senior business leaders within the organization met with kudos and loud applause! We plan to leverage the animation in customer presentations, conferences, and marketing opportunities of all stripes and colors. I would strongly recommend XVIVO and look forward to future projects.

Global Marketing Manager, Quantum Cell Expansion System, CaridianBCT