FrieslandCampina, a leading Dutch producer and exporter of dairy products in the Netherlands, sought a way to reveal the complex building blocks that make up milk’s rich science story. After an extensive selection process, they chose XVIVO to take on the challenge. The storyline focuses on the major components found in milk and key ways milk interacts with our bodies to provide nutrition.

“Milk is one of nature’s richest sources of nutrients, but even though it seems simple, it is a fascinating and complex product full of unique molecules and interactions,” states Ruud J.W. Schoemaker, Senior Researcher at FrieslandCampina. “XVIVO’s attention to detail and ability to create an engaging, easy to understand story behind this extraordinary product was key to bringing nature’s generous contribution to life.”

Here is another clip from the video with voice over.

See Press-Release on Milk.

A well-crafted scientific animation is the ideal way to tell your story! Animation has the power to awe and inspire. It can also serve as a valuable education based marketing tool that delivers key messages to physicians, patients, consumers, sales associates and investors.

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