How We Work

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During pre-production, we provide you with one point of contact who will partner with your team and ensure the success of your project from script to screen.

We work to better understand your project needs and goals through a pre-project form and kick-off call, while also reviewing our production process, your review process, and timeline milestones.

blue shapeScript

The script is the bedrock of any animation. It provides structure to the story, dictates visual progression, and helps determine the length of the program.

Our experienced medical writers are available to help you develop a visually-appropriate script and work in collaboration with your creative, medical, and marketing teams on how to best tell your story.

purple shapeStoryboard

Storyboards consist of black-and-white sketches of scene frames. They provide a first look at how the script matches up to the visuals, and how transitions occur between different parts of your story. We work closely with your various teams throughout storyboard development.

We ensure all content needs are addressed through the dialogue, action notes, text-on-screen, and references.

brown shapeAudio

From tone to strategic inflection, finding the right voice is vital to the success of any project. We will provide casting according to your creative direction, and facilitate the recording session where you can provide voice-over talent direction, medical oversight, and real-time approvals.

We partner with an award-winning composer to provide you with custom music and sound design.

sky-blue shapeAnimatic

The animatic is a preliminary stage of animation limited in colors, textures, and lighting. It allows your team to review the narrative pacing, basic motion, molecular models, and rough environments.

Several rendered color still images are also provided at this stage to show the final look of the piece.

dark-blue shapeRough

The rough animation is a rendered version that incorporates your feedback from the animatic.

It includes the professional voice-over track, some transitions, lighting and texturing, text-on-screen, motion graphics, and your custom music and sound design.

pink shapeFine

The fine version incorporates your feedback from the rough animation stage.

orange shapeFinal

The final version incorporates your feedback from the fine animation and is rendered in full HD for final review.

gray-blue shapeRelease

We deliver the finished animation in all requested formats and resolutions.