Behind the Scenes of XVIVO’s Production Process

Our production pipeline is as follows:

We can develop your entire project from “script to screen,” taking on all the responsibilities of the production including, script, storyboard, animatic, animation, programming, voice over, music, sound effects, edit and delivery of final master. We also collaborate with other creative teams incorporating their content into our production pipeline.

Data Management:

Our data management system is based on a triple redundant RAID configuration. All data is archived daily on auxiliary servers and DLT tape. After project completion, all work is archived off-site on tape and secure removable hard drives. Our IT team monitors our systems daily to ensure optimal system performance and security. Our render farm consists of over 160 CPUs so if your final product requires complex simulations, customized special effects or elaborate camera work, our team has the power to deliver your project on time and on budget.



Post Production:

Interactive Media Production: