XVIVO Featured By Stephen Hawking’s “What Are We”


It is with great honor and recognition that XVIVO’s animations were recently featured in Stephen Hawking’s Show Series Episode 5: “What Are We” by PBS Genius. Hawking used XVIVO’s animations to provide a more understandable relationship between Hawking’s Machine of Life and the molecular structures inside the human body. The animation educates the audience how the body is a giant chain reaction machine that work together to perform the daily tasks we need to do. We at XVIVO are proud to be featured with Stephen Hawking and PBS Genius in the promotion of scientific animation for young minds around the world.


DARPA was very pleased with the Trauma Pod of the Future video. It was instrumental in presenting this futuristic and complex research program and provided an insight to the audience and reviewers that they would not have otherwise achieved. The quality of the work is exceptional and the video has been shown hundreds of times with great success; it is one of the most popular videos that I have used in my presentations.

Richard Satava, MD, Program Manager, Advanced Biomedical Technologies Program, DARPA
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