One Body

As our country, and world, continues to grapple with issues of social inclusion, our studio has decided to reissue one of our animations with a few modifications, to show where we stand on our views of who and what we are. We created One Body almost a decade ago to illustrate the complex makeup of the human organism. By rapidly shifting between views of a number of biological structures both macro and micro, we hoped to cultivate a respect and admiration for the intricacies and dynamism of our bodies.

As we live our lives, interacting with each other, experiencing the world and trying to find something meaningful to work toward, it is important to remember that we are remarkably more alike than we are different. We have the same organs, our cells are identical, and our proteins perform the same functions. We’ve developed mental faculties capable of understanding that our births, our existences, more than anything, are products of chance, and under similar serendipitous events, could have resulted in our circumstances being reversed. These similarities, and these connections we have to each other as a species, necessitate our obligation to treat each other with compassion and respect.

XVIVO was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our project with XVIVO was our very first animation project and their team guided us through the process with no difficulty. The people that we worked with were very talented and made the whole process enjoyable. Their attention to the details was superb. We are completely satisfied with the end result and is a product that we can continue to use in the future. We will work with them again.

Manager, New Business Development, Ajinomoto